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Board and Care Santa Clarita – Benefits of a Close-Knit Community

by Casey Rowley Everyone enjoys the feeling of close friends surrounding them.  Good friends and a community that is there for you can make a huge difference.  Large apartment complexes sometimes make it difficult for seniors to meet new people.  Many times, the complex is so big, it makes it...
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Assisted Living, Santa Clarita – The Value of a Home-Cooked Meal

Delicious and nutritious meals make a big difference in our health.  There is something about a home-cooked meal that makes every dish taste extra special.  For people in need of assisted living, it is often difficult to plan and receive meals designed specifically for them.  Meal services are great because...
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Assisted Living Home, Santa Clarita – Tough Decisions

Every year many adults face the difficult decision of when and where to relocate their parents once it becomes clear that independent living is no longer possible for the parent.  Residential Care Facility also referred to as “Assisted Living” or “Board and Care” facilities are non-medical facilities that provide a...
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Relocating Your Loved Ones – Should They Move in With You?

Relocating Your Loved Ones – Should They Move in With You? by Indira Mulalic Not that long ago only one in 10 people lived past the age of 65, now nearly eighty percent live past the age of 65!  Currently seventy-one percent of today’s baby boomers have at least one...
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