Relocating Your Loved Ones – Should They Move in With You?

Relocating Your Loved Ones – Should They Move in With You?

by Indira Mulalic

Not that long ago only one in 10 people lived past the age of 65, now nearly eighty percent live past the age of 65!  Currently seventy-one percent of today’s baby boomers have at least one parent that is still alive; where as in 1989 just sixty percent of people who were ages 41-59 reported they had at least one living parent.  This trend shows an increasing number of older adults that will eventually need to be cared for in our society.

An adult home was the next logical step for many aging parents who could no longer live independently.  In the coming decades the demand for family care will increase but the supply of family caregivers will decrease.  There will be a substantial increase of people who will be in the “Sandwich Generation” – those caring for their young children at the same time caring for their parents. Many children live far from their parents or their lives are too busy to take on this care. With the increasing longevity of the older population it is becoming much more common for a woman to be in her 60s and 70s while having the responsibilities to take care of one or both of her parents.

As the average family size decreases, fewer children will be available to assume caregiver responsibilities for their parent.  The aging of the population and changing patterns of family life will affect nearly every family in the coming decades.  This means families will require more help often from outside sources. Some of the most difficult tasks facing a family is relocating and accessing help for their loved ones.

One of the best outside sources for living care needs is an adult assisted living facility. These facilities have around the clock care for your loved ones, great diet and nutrition monitoring and the ability to grant freedom of life to both the senior client as well as the family members of the senior client.

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