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Her Home

Was it the homemade crème puff, the peaceful pristine environment, or the warmth of Emma’s personality that convinced me that day? Finally, I had found an assisted living facility that my 80-year-old mother would soon call her home. With tears filling my eyes, I discussed with Emma what kind of care my mother with Parkinson’s disease would need. And with relief, each one of my concerns faded as Emma shared her heart, skills, and detailed attention in preparing and running a home that cares for the elderly.

Let’s face it; caring for an elderly parent is a huge responsibility filled with struggles mixed with rewarding moments. Mom and I had shared our struggles with dad dying, and our attempt to make my home her home. But after one year, 5 months, and 11 days of living together it was time to find another living arrangement! One day, I gently stated, “I’d rather be your loving energetic daughter than your weary caretaker”. Mom replied, “I didn’t know that.” And with that, we were out the door, checking off many of the assisted living homes. We’d check off “too smoky”, “too many people”, “spots on the carpet”, or simply “just not right”. As soon as we walked into Emma’s Board & Care it felt “so right”. There was a serene peace.

After moving mom into her home I was waiting for the official “I hate living here”, a comment she had stated after a 5-month stay at a one of the largest facilities in town. Instead, mom recently said, “Emma’s perfect, she is so loving and such a hard worker”. And much to my surprise, when Mom was visiting me in my home on Thanksgiving Day, after the last doll

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